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LED Light Up Yeti Badge - Fits Mustang® Grille or Trunk

LED Light Up Yeti Badge - Fits Mustang® Grille or Trunk

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Changing the game yet again! This custom Yeti LED light up badge bolts to your grille and stands out day or night. Available in multiple LED colors, with several face colors (area around the LED design)

When lighting is off, the badge design will display the glow color chosen (for example, if you choose white for your glow color, the design will be white when the lighting is off).

Badge comes complete with built in LEDs and a positive/negative lead to connect to your choice of power (extra wire may be required). Connect to any 12v power supply.

Please note:

  • Badge is water, salt and UV resistant
  • These badges take approximately 5-7 business days to ship. Proofs are not sent before shipping in order to keep our prices as low as possible.
  • The 3M mounting method is meant for the body of your vehicle, NOT for the grille, and requires a hole to be drilled for the wire.
  • Professional install recommended. Never attach to a non-fused power source. Offroad use only, not to be used on public roads.

Atomic is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Ford Motor Company in any way.

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